What's a weird dream you had that was somehow connected to your kintype?



I’ve had lots of dreams that have ether wolves or dogs in them.

One dream was about these German shepherd puppies being dog napped and me and this big wolf had to save them...huh



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I've had lots of weird and relevant dreams. 

A year or two before my second awakening, I had a dream where I was standing in a circle among these other figures who I knew were gods. In a young man's voice, on the edge of panic, I said "What do you mean we're all that's left?" 

I knew that the young god in question had a reputation for being a little hot-headed, and panicking was not something people normally expected of him. He wasn't worried about himself, he just wanted to know what happened to everyone else. That was before I knew my identity, and before I'd really thought about being transgender, but it seemed natural that I would have that voice. 

I've had several dreams where my dad was dead or dying and I was the only one who could save him. In the dreams he'd have either blue or green skin. Not sure how I thought I was going to save him if he was already dead. Magic, I guess. 

There was one where I destroyed a temple because some magician had trapped a number of gods inside it rather than letting them go out into the fields where the people were. 

And sometimes various gods show up in my dreams and we talk. They usually just look like ordinary people and I don't realize who it was until after I wake up and think about it. Djehuty looked like a computer nerd with a white shirt, short black hair and glasses. Wepwawet showed up as an athletic looking cab driver with greying hair. Ra showed up more than once looking like my former boss. (I wish he wouldn't do that.) 

Lots of shapeshifting in my dreams or flight! I usually link all those to dream shifts, since they usually play on things like phantom wings, draconic or bird like characteristics, or straight shapeshifting into one.


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In my dreams I am always myself; horse. (Rare occasion that I am a human, is always a nightmare). Because of this I sometimes find myself in human situations I experienced the days before; but as a horse. Which sometimes makes some funny and weird dreams!

Such as job interviews as a horse, I’ve had theme park dreams, dreams inside my house, etc!



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Well learning about my dwarf kin type 'a group of mages and scammers called the Blitz was interesting (maybe I'll write a blog about it)



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In my most strange and intense dream experience, I was living the life of a female dinosaur. It felt like a whole darn life, like decades. I layed an egg, I raised children. It was beautiful, and very real. When I woke up, I didn't know what this earthen reality was. My human life felt like a faint, distant memory, a life led many years ago. I wonder if the dream was a memory, distorted and blurred by my brain to make up something I could understand.



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No small number of my dreams are mirrors to reality, only distorted reflections of them, and they play out as any other lived experience only heightened and estranged. The first and most telling part is, is that I am almost always myself, in the sense that even when it makes no sense to simply be a sabertooth cat in the situation, I am. The dream constructs, the nameless others that appear in the dream, are either aware of this variety on a subconscious level and become increasingly alarmed by what they know to be strange but cannot see in their own midst - I assume they see a human being in an illusion of sorts - or they, if they are simulacrums of actual persons I know, at ease with my presence despite the obvious strangeness.

So life goes on with this in mind, either being a "regular", lived day of events in this sense, a modified sequence of past events that have been retold, or a scenario that plays out in extreme. Often many of these are what people would call nightmares, they tend to be frightening on the surface - often violent and conflict oriented - and are the sort of things that come from reality past but used to fuel worse and more exotic situations. Without going into detail, it is often that these are situations of "Fight, flight, or freeze." nature and battles for survival, which relies heavily on my embracing my animal talents and qualities to survive.

Others, however, are more mythical. Battles with the embodiments of evil or illness, "demons" one could say but far more abstract and sans any sense of explicit evil. Some are quasi-astral conflicts almost but all of them are symbolic rather than the more overt ones.



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I have purely cat dreams from time to time, it is usually a nice time! I can be wandering through my territory or exploring a city. Sometimes I have kittens. A lot of my dreams I am still me, but I have my ears and tail, sometimes I am more human or more cat, and sometimes it changes within the dream. My normal dreams I don't believe have any consistency in what happens. 



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Dreams are pretty much a gateway into the zhuard dimension and everything I know about them. Usually I can tell what's a vision/memory versus a regular dream pretty quick but in the case of this question........I had a dream where I was pulled over by the police in a zhuard form, and when they questioned me, I ran into the woods. Needless to say they still arrested me HAHA