What's something everyone else seems to love that you hate?

In a spin on the post by @Effervescent-Daydream, what's something that most people can't seem to get enough of, that you don't want any part of? 

I, for example, hate sports. I just don't get it. Like I wouldn't have anything against them normally, but after one to many times of being forced in front of the TV by rabid family members screaming at a bunch of people chasing a ball who can't even hear them I start to get sick of it. Nothing against people who do play sports, or even fans of sports, I just don't want to be anywhere near it when a big game comes on or a fight over teams breaks out. The only kind of sports I'll watch are non-team ones, like most of the Olympics.



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You, want to know the truth? The uncensored and canded real me that in part believes humans limit themselves too much over?

1. Don't get me started. War and violence. There's nothing wrong with internal conflict, but when it becomes external, that's when innocent people suffer. And I'm not into that.

2. Video games. Yeah, they help your inner self find your fictional character, that's true. So do movies and other entertainment avatars you can take with you on the go so to speak. But admiration for being more than a virtual vatar, is something I feel can actually lead to conquest of something other than an improved life for many people. Especially because when fear is involved by others not into the lifestyle, things do become overly complex.

3. Nerdism. Specifically Acronyms. I don't want to talk about a topic that has a word with 10 syllables in it, that I have to consult Google or Wikipedia for just to get a clear reference on. If I don't know something, and nobody offers the information by assuming you do know of it, people usually love to start from the beginning on how it was created and all I need to know is how it relates to the conversation by context.

4. Presumptions by proxy. You know how when people assume something about you? Like, for example, if you don't like Apple Sauce, you must not like Pork Chops? Because they assume, like bread and butter, or peanut butter and jam, that things just go together automatically? Well, they don't. And so I find when approaching things I dislike, I usually say the name of the component just to avoid people thinking I don't like something that I actually do, especially where food is concerned.

5. Bullying. Specifically enforcement of anything that's presumed to survive here. Yes, I'm talking human law itself. So much of it, is not based on being fair to others. Or letting others have a say in what works for them. You can't choose your birth name, you can't choose who you wish to learn from, you can't choose to live and not pay money, you can't choose a house you want custom built without having to do it yourself, I mean the list goes on It's not selfish of me to want things a certain way, if they're going to be that way when I grow up anyways.

6. Childhood limitations, by proxy. Specifically referring to how parents who are very matrix like in their thinking, tend to want to belt out things like spankings, soap in the mouth, belittling personal choice, lack of equal rights between men and women, political and religious regimes and choice by proxy. As in, when I was your age, my daddy taught me to (be like him) because of this or that reason. Punishment to be different and not harm people is wrong.

7. Egotistical people pulling rank because they get rewarded for doing so. I don't care who you are, you can't just earn the right to be who you do not represent yourself to be and then demand people trust that you represent who you are not. Like, Donald Trump. He is a factory manager, not a president of anything. A status means nothing, unless you own it and show that you care. You can support who ever you like, and think they are great and all, but don't tell me I can't do the same thing and have a valid reason for justifying why what works for me is personally respect worthy. Don't misrepresent factual information either and while you're on the bandwagon of do's and don'ts, leave your personal opinion out of things that represent the view of historical relations with our ancestral heritage.

8. People who take subjective view points, based on objective understanding. this is how conspiracy theories turn out right volatile. It's not investigating anything unknown anymore, it's all out lying because someone's telling you to do so, or because you're projecting you know things that you don't. and by knowledge, I mean keeping your story straight.

9. The U.S. medical system. Just put up universal health care.

10. Capitalism. I'm a decentralized spiritual communist at heart.

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Sh*t opinions, that’s always one.

ASMR, mostly because it does nothing for me and just kinda creeps me out.

Rabbits, although I don’t really hate them. I just don’t find them to be all that cute.

Rollercoasters. I’m a low-key thrills kind of person.

That’s all I have for now.



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Not quite hate, but... I definitely don't like teasing friends near as much as others seem to. It actually make some quite uncomfortable when I see others doing it, aaand there isn't much of it in my friend group. I much rather keep things lighthearted. 

Also, jokes using any derogatory terms, but especially some certain ones. (They're so bothersome I won't even say...) Even when they don't target me or anything that I am, they make me really uncomfortable and I wish we all just used nicer language! 

Aaaaand I also hate when generalized (often exclusionist) groups are called "-scum" or "-phobes". I don't want to call any people scum. Nor promote violence against them, like some 'jokes' and callouts do. Also, it's not phobia. It's not fear at all. It's just exclusion and being hateful. I wish we didn't call it "-phobic". 

Yeah, a lot of this is so bothersome to me that I'm keeping things vague. All in all, I guess I just want to use more wholesome language. I'm a sensitive pony!

1. This might seem like common sense, maybe not, but in my town, people commonly hit their kids, make them drink hot chilli sauce or eat the peppers themselves, put soap in their mouths or otherwise publically shame them as punishments. I had these done to me as a kid, and all it does is create fear. Not discipline, not strength, now knowledge. The only knowledge I have from that is to keep my mouth shut if I have a different opinion or prepare for a fight with a side of invalidation and berating. I escaped home one time from a particularly bad 'punishment' and went to my school where the principal was packing up to leave. I spoke to her and begged for help. Her response? "Oh, every kid needs a good beating, nothing wrong with that!"

2. Callout culture. Yes, some people are definitely disgusting and deserve to be known for such actions, yet in certain online circles, this is.. over the top. You can be 'called out' for not agreeing with a trivial viewpoint and suddenly you have death threats and people telling you to end your life all over you. It's able to completely destroy someone life, either through damaging life opportunities due to widespread knowledge of a certain callout, or even if the knowledge doesn't extend far, it tears one down mentally enough to convince some to follow through with what these people tell them to do. Personal experience here.

3. Now for something more lightheartd--sorry! As others have said, Sports. Almost everyone at my school is a sporty person and here I am, ASD so I'm horribly coordinated, knee and foot issues so doing most things causes discomfort or pain... And you expect me to be enthusiastic about running around in circles for an hour? No thanks.

4. Day. Once again, related to my ASD. Daytime is too noisy, too bright, too overwhelming with too many people scampering about. I much prefer the cold touch of the moon on my skin to the burning sunbeams making my eyes water. The night is calm, cool, dark and quiet. 



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Personally I hate it when people smoke or drink around me. I get smoking certain things may help combat cancer (although inhaling smoke probably isn't too good in any form) and I get an occasional glass of wine is good for certain things, but when all the glasses in the house smell like whiskey and I can't breathe in the car because you need to puff on that cancer stick another time is idiotic. 



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swimming.  I don't really know why.  I get tired, then exhausted.  So I don't like swimming.  I do not mind playing in a pool, but swimming... thanks but, no.  If I was about to die, and all I had to do was swim a few laps, I would just let myself die.   Like, no.

@Catums  My gosh! yes!!  My grandfather was battling stage 4 cancer, and he still chose to smoke and drink!  It is really annoying!  Sometimes, if my parents do not rinse their cups, when they were drinking, and I have to do the dishes... Yeah, no.  I will get a blasted headache, just smelling those nasty things...



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I have a very bad relationship with alcohol (actually I have a legit phobia of it, so. That's not fun). And smoking is gross. Vaping, too. '¬'

But, more in the spirit of the thread: MINT! I can't stand it! And it's so fricking hard finding non-mint toothpastes... ugh.



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Only few things I can think of here. One is that I don't at all like what people call "nightlife", I mean hanging out in bars, pubs, clubs, or discos. For many of my friends every Saturday night was party night. Never attracted me. In my imagination it's all about staying at loud, dark, crammed, stuffy or smoky places where I can't get out. Even if I know it's not that bad, I usually avoid it. Alcohol is closely connected to this. If it's about a good glass of wine or beer or even two, I'm game. But deliberately getting drunk, especially with others, like many friends did during partying... nope. To me the idea of losing control of myself is just scary. Also, drinking too much will only make me tired and feel miserable next day. There's no fun in that.
Oh, another thing is dancing. Never liked it. Doesn't seem to make much sense. Except maybe if we're talking about headbanging :coolderg:



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I don't get why people drink alcohol.  For one thing, it tastes like crap.  And for another it makes me feel like crap.  On my 21st birthday, I tried drinking a tiny shot-sized glass of white wine.  I felt sick for the next two days afterward.

Seriously, why do people drink that crap?  I don't get it.



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I don't get why people drink alcohol.  For one thing, it tastes like crap.  And for another it makes me feel like crap.  On my 21st birthday, I tried drinking a tiny shot-sized glass of white wine.  I felt sick for the next two days afterward.

Seriously, why do people drink that crap?  I don't get it.
Agreed.  I am not old enough to drink... however, when I was little, I thought that this cup was filled with water... heh... My mouth was on fire, so I chugged it.  Then I realized what I had just devoured, and I started to gag, and spit out what I did not swallow.  I was sick the next day...  It was and always will be discussing!



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Related to the last couple of posts, drugs. I've never tried them and don't intend too. Sure, maybe they make you forget your problems for a short while, but if/when you end up addicted or hurt it's not going to help anything. It's just not worth the risk imo. 

Completely unrelated (and probably a bit controversial) but I wanted to add it: foul language. It just always made me kind of uncomfortable. Since it's basically everywhere I don't really call people out on it, but.... eh.  /: 

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I don't particularly hate anything, but I might have a strong disinterest.

  • Sports
  • most of the daytime
  • painting (I'm just awful at it lmao, but I can enjoy seeing what others can paint)
  • most k/pop music
  • winter and the general cold (ye, snow's kinda pretty I guess, but I'd rather not get frostbitten)
  • most holidays
  • really action-packed moving media (like TV shows or games, not comics) where you basically c a n n o t tell what the heck is going on (it's probably just how I process things, but I see it a lot in video games where it's just a blur of bright motion); bonus points if it has obnoxiously loud sounds
  • most romantic and comedic media (especially if it's a romcom)
  • now this is something I hate - high heels, dresses, j e a n s
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I'm not a big fan of watching movies in theaters. It's too cold and there's too many people and the snacks cost too much. Why deal with all that when you can be at home with a pile of blankets, loads of chocolate and no one but a dog?