What's your dream home?

For me my dream home would be a large plot of land infested with healthy trees with a large clearing, a small veggie farm, and a handbuild, livable, tree house with numerous ways to climb up to the porch, maybe even more then one treehouse for guests,

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My dream home is somewhere on or near the coast of the Pacific Northwest, either in America or Canada.  I want a house close enough to the city that I can visit easily when I need to, but can still easily escape into nature.  I want the beach no more than an hour away.  My house doesn't need to be big, just well maintained with a personal workroom/office for me, a separate one for my fiancee, our bedroom, a bathroom with a standing shower and a spa tub, living room, guest room, and pet room.  A back deck or front porch would also be really nice.



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as much as I would love a home that resembles the studio, I think a house full of really soft stuff thats kinda out of the way in a forest by a river sounds pretty nice.

A nice garden, peace and quiet, ya know

My dream house is the one I built.  Built into the side of a hill, 11 inches of insulation, passive solar with in-floor heating (when we aren't using the woodstove).  About 2000 sq ft on two levels.  On 40 acres in the middle of nowhere.



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I'd want a medium sized house surrounded by woods on all sides.  The decor would be very rustic, with walls made of staggard rocks, a lot of wooden and fabric furniture, etc.  It would look a little something like this:

Ideally, I'd also want there to be a lake within a short walking distance that's large enough to swim in, as well as an indoor greenhouse garden.  That way, I stay connected to nature, at least to some extent, even in the dead of winter..

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A place in the middle of nowhere in maybe Montana, Alaska or somewhere in Canada. A place where it can get nice and cold and snowy in the winter, with moderate temperatures in the summer. Probably a good distance away from any cities, it'd be nice to be isolated from civilization where I can just stop worrying about people and relax. 

I'd like a Living Room, where I keep my computer, electronics and furniture and stuff for if people somehow come over. A Bedroom with a queen sized bed and a couple chairs in it and a big ol' closet for all my clothes. And a Nice kitchen that I can cook in, maybe with a double-decker oven and a reach in refrigerator that I only need to restock about once a month, with a sizeable counter I can use for preparing foods and stuff. 

I'd like my own Gun range, too, partially for, you know, my guns, and partially for shifting out whenever I want without having to suppress. Shifts feel pretty good to me, so I like the idea of being able to do them whenever I'm home.



A dark cabin in the middle of a forest in a valley with a nearby stream. Lot's of wildlife there as well, preferably familiar creatures like rabbits and elk. And I guess I would enjoy it being somewhere cold to. For the house itself id love if it had a real fireplace, and lots of windows to let in natural sunlight. I cant bare unnatural yellow light honestly. I would also want there to be a lot of fluffy or soft furniture to. Honestly if given the choice I might live outside lol. 



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Related to this I've always dreamt of two things. The first was living in a medieval castle, but I think this wouldn't work too well because of the heating and insulation. The second idea was a house that would somehow fuse nature and architecture. Using modern materials, glass, steel, but with a big tree in the middle. Octangular shaped, maybe. Very modern and light inside, and placed somewhere out in nature, at a remote place.



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I quite like the city,

but I often need a break from the city,

so I'd prefer a town near the city,

so I can live somewhere that looks nice and isn't a huge metropolis that no-one can figure out



Somewhere far away from people lol

It has to be near a body of water. Maybe a large lake. I live near the ocean and I havnt been to the beach in 5 years... Like to have a farm or ranch in mid/south Colorado. The house isn't as important. as long as there's a bed, bathroom, and kitchen. I don't care about huge houses. More to clean and worry about. I was going to be an Architect ( I still work in the profession)  and I freaking hate houses lol

I would love to be off the grid



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I'm surprised at all the mentions of bodies of water. I guess I'm not alone in wanting to be near one. Y'all are much more outdoorsy than me, though! I'm generally most comfortable when I'm far from nature and close to people.

I'd want a studio apartment, on a very high floor, with an ocean view. I'd put my bed right next to the biggest window so I could look out at the sea when I can't sleep. Having a city view for the bedroom window might be nice, too. I've always been jealous of Motoko's apartment, after all. A big kitchen would be nice. And I'd definitely want one of those ceilings where you can see the ductwork and wiring. I love how those look! So overall it would look a bit like this.

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As much as I want to say our system house is my dream home, I would not want to clean a house that big. I'd love to live there with my headmates tho. My boyfriend owns a plot of land he wants to build a Hobbit house on and I'm fine with that. It sounds cool.