What's your favorite scene or episode of an anime or TV show or movie

This is hard. Yuri on Ice Ep 7,10, and 12 are all good but if I had to pick one

It'd be Episode 10; Specifically when they're in the church and saying things to one another. 

I couldn't find a link though!

I have two fave scenes at the moment: the docking scene from Interstellar, and the airport scene from Godzilla (2014). Both give me goosebumps every time and they never get old.

I love a lot but I think this is it. I love Madoka Magica so much and this is probabbly my favorite moment. 
Cut down the video for ease of quoting but it's such a good scene, totally agree.

Mine are probably the storm scene in ga'hoole, 

And finally, the first flight of the prehistoric wyvern in the documentary "The last dragon". Couldn't find the exact scene, so no links.

Mine's definitely the scene in Owari No Seraph when Mika goes to "save" Yu. I also just really love the music in this anime >.< I could watch it just for that.