What's your Occupation


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The two are completely different and I tend to categorize them in that a job is what you do, a career is what you'd like to do. ;)

Job: research analyst
Career: zoologist/animal behavior researcher


The Animus Master
I’m a handmailer, meaning I put personalized payment cards into their bespoke packaging to be sent out by either standard, special delivery, or courier postage.

A pipe-dream I’ve held for a long time is to be a croupier.


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Currently looking for some out-of-industry part time work because the money is definitely needed, but I'm a freelance theatre technician! I do audio and lighting mostly, but also do costuming, set construction, rigging and stagehand work.

Velvet Wings

Feline of the Root
I work as a dog trainer, or at least I usually do, currently not working due to health issues but hoping it won't be long before I can get back to it.
I also make dog collars/leads/harnesses.


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Currently just a full time student (sociology and community health combo), but hope to work in some way to influence domestic policy. I've seen a few nice looking jobs looking for my major :)


Holy Birb
I'm a part time tai chi instructor and a full time caretaker for a disabled combat veteran. My schedule is pretty fragmented from driving them to appointments all over town.

My wife and I have sometimes dreamed about winning the lottery and making a tiny house veteran's community. Of course I'd also have my own tai chi studio where students can come and hang out rather than just showing up for classes and rushing out the door.