whats your opinion on gear?

I don't care much about it. Don't think it looks great, don't think it looks ugly, don't really care. I guess I kind of get how people say that it makes them feel more like their kintype? but when I dress to make myself feel more kin-y I typically do things like turtlenecks and scarves to simulate neck feathers, longer stuff I can feel moving in the wind, that kind of stuff. 

Also, I don't think I've ever seen avian gear. I really only see canines, specifically large wild dogs. I'm kind of curious; if anyone has some pictures hmu with them. I just can't think of how birdie things would work without being too big? Maybe a tail, but a beak or wings would be big and possibly uncomfortable to wear around all day.



I like having gear around. I've had a collar for around six months and wear it all the time. I recently got a tail, but I don't wear it much. I braid feathers into my hair sometimes but I'm usually to lazy to do my hair at all.

I have a collar, that I just realized would probably be considered Gear. I don't wear it that often, my partner gets 

I don't personally like Tails and Ears, not really because they look that bad or anything, but because I have a phantom tail/ears and I think the sort of ones there are right now wouldn't make me happy, because I wouldn't be able to feel them and move them around like I think about doing without thinking. I've thought about maybe trying out Elon Musk's Neuralink and seeing what would happen if you hooked up a remote control tail to one of them so that way you can just control it by thinking. My hypothesis is that the part of the brain that evolutionarily would have controlled tail behavior in early monkeis might still be in Human brains, so having a way to actually send 'tail signals' to From a brain-computer interface to an actual tail would be really nice.



Not a big fan of ear or tail gear. When I tried wearing ears, I felt like it was disrupting my phantom ears



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As Vultyre said above, there isn't much in the way of avian gear. Should I get a leather strap and tie it around my ankle or a leather hat that slips over my eyes with a ridiculous feather sticking out of the top? That would be a hawk's version of a collar and those sound very unappealing. Also I'd trip and have trouble seeing. And then there's the the idea of wearing the shackles of domestication, which has already been brought up with collars. 

Contact lenses don't sound worth the effort. I eventually get annoyed with artificial nails. I guess clothing with a feather motif might be nice, depending on how it's made. 

Egyptian "gear" just sounds cheesy. I don't really wear much jewelry and eye-liner honestly doesn't look good on me. (Someone once tried making up my eyes Egyptian-style at a party and admitted defeat.) 



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I have a set of ears and a tail purchased for me by somebody very special. I also often wear my collar and trans-pride-pawprint tag on it.



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In the right environment I think I would love to wear gear.  I am very enamored with the general act of 'displaying my otherness' as a mark of pride, to varying degrees depending on the place.  If I was at an otherkin/therian meeting, I would happily wear gear.  If it was Halloween I would happily wear gear.  In everyday life, I would do something more subtle like wear pins that show off my 'otherness.'  I like to collect enamel pins so I have several for different parts of my identity.

That being said, I'm not sure I would be able to easily find any gear to express my (possible) kintype(s) so... That's somewhat of a shame.  I think I once saw someone selling dragon tails?  But that's about it.

I'm personally not a fan of ears. But to each their own. 

Despite neither of my kin being domesticated, I sometimes wear dog collars (I have a few) to try and get in touch with that canine side of me. 

And as for tails, I have only one so far. Real fox fur, ethically sourced. I experience phantom tails a lot more when I wear it than when I don't. 

The tail and collar just helps me feel closer to my kintypes, and they make me feel good.



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It’s would feel pretty cool to have winglike extensions for the fingertips... I used to strap cardboard wings to my arms when I was little, in an attempt to fly—that was a powerful feeling. (Except that I still couldn’t fly.)

While I really like gear, I don't thinks it's at all necessary. Wearing a tail (when I had one) definitely helped me feel more at home in my skin b/c I'm almost constantly p-shifting w/ my tail, but it's never been 'I need it' for me. I also tried collars for a bit and it didn't really do anything for me. If anything, it was uncomfortable both physically and mentally with the looks it'd get. I think the biggest part of gear is the stigma it has around it. Since there are so many canine therians, the idea of wearing tails, collars, and ears has been very, idk how to word it, but, like, common I guess would be the right word. Like, when I first realized that I was a therian/when I found the community, the biggest thing that was in front of me was 'gear'. Youtube therians and the topic itself was such a big one that I sort of felt like I needed gear to be a therian, which is by no means true. Wearing it did make me really happy because it helped me feel like I was 'real', but, as I mentioned with my experience wearing a collar, it wasn't practical or what was good for me
Sum: Gear is great to help ease dysphoria, but by no means necessary. Do what makes you feel good.