What's your spirit animal?

Every time I meditate on the subject and seek my spirit guide I find a dragon, often in a cave. It is cold cave lit with very little if any light. Other than that is the same dragon in a forest around dusk, or after night. He is nearly black with some shades of grey through his scales. Often quite enigmatic in what he will tell me.


Wandering Wolf
I'm not entirely sure, but my gut says my spirit animal is an orca. I've seen them in dreams for as long as I can remember, as far back as childhood, and I've always felt a kind of affinity for them that's nothing like a kintype or even a hearttype. I've tried meditating on it before to see if I could find anything else, but my mind's so busy lately that it's hard to focus... and even harder to find time where I can just sit and relax without being disturbed. Except at night, but then I always fall asleep!

I've had a few other guides/companions who either stuck around temporarily, or who I only see very occasionally. There's the lynx I spoke to when I was 12-13, though I'm not sure whether she was a spirit or more like a daemon (in hindsight, I see her more as the latter). Then there was the northwestern wolf who showed up around my awakening, so when I was 14-15. There's also a 12-point red deer stag who I've seen occasionally in dreams and meditation since I was 12 or so, but he's never spoke or really done anything besides stare at me ominously.

Oh, and there's the snakes - though they're more symbol than spirit.
Do you have a spirit animal etc? Feel free to share your experience/opinion and so on
Not a guide really, but who I am. My spirit is that of a dragon, my "human" side which an otherkin would normally have to shift from...has been consumed...now i'm a dragon, through and through, I speak as one, I breath as one, My personalaty is that of my spirit...although the dragon well...wyvern sub species at least...is young, and being a wyvern as opposed to a western dragon, i'm not as bright as them I openly admit, but still I try.
I have had a few run ins with animal guides or spirits--some of whom entered through the gateway and were system members for a time, and some who show up in the material world as an omen. I think I had commented on this before Apathren, green snake, had entered the system.
So now I write this after they've already left.

I have recently had the great benefit of giving funeral rites to a Barred Owl. She lived in the southern region of my home forest, and died trying to take the easy spoils of road kill. It came at a greater cost than she could know. A friend, who lives at that roadside, collected her body and brought her to me so I could give her back to the forest.

At the funeral, I entered trance and spoke with the owl so I could know whether she had any specific wishes or gifts to make of her body. She requested daffodils for her bones, that I must give her the first flush of flowers before I may take any gifts from her body.
After the funeral was completed, she came to my next trance and brought me secrets. She came on behalf of the moon--for context, I have a system of worship SORT of like maiden/mother/crone, except it goes Sun/Earth/Moon and isn't about the human fertility cycle, I know the name and persona of the sun well, know only a little bit about the Earth, and know absolutely nothing about the Moon--the owl introduced me to the moon. In effect, she told the moon I was worth speaking to because I had given a kind and respectful funeral. In her time near our home, she watched my practices and felt I was ready to know one or two things about the moon.

The barred owl was a short-term animal spirit guide who led me to greater understanding of a divine archetype after an exchange of equal gifts and effort.