Where can I see how many bones I have?

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Logically speaking, I should have an X amount of bones due to where and what I've posted, but I have no clue where to see that. I've been to the 'bank' section, but all numbers are in zeros. Am I misunderstanding something, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Edit: I thought that bones might trickle in only once in a 24-hour cycle, but I still have 0 bones, according to my bank. I've posted in several places. Am I doing something wrong, and/or what could be done to fix it?

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The bank is where you would go. At the top left hand side it says
You have X Bones on hand
You have X in the bank
You have X Bones in total

If the numbers are all 0 then you have no bones, tho I'd think you'd have a few at least. I suggest reading the guide on how to earn bones.



I think there is something wrong with the bones being awarded via posts right now. I still have 0 bones but should have more than that. So, if I am right...you can't see any because they aren't working.



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Seconding @Addy , yes, that guide is super useful! You should be able to easily find it just by rolling over "kinshop" just like how you would get to the bank. Though if you're still having trouble you can just click right here ^-^ Feel free to let me know if you want any other bone-related tips!

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