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Heyo all!

We've noticed some people putting threads in the wrong place, so we felt it would be useful to make a little guide of where to put your threads when you're creating them. These are the boards we often find posted in improperly, or not used when they should be.

Suggestion Box: Put suggestions for new features for the site here. Note: If you want a place for discussion that isn't currently covered by a forum board, you might be better off making a club for it instead (since that's what clubs are for). If you genuinely believe we need another board though, you can suggest it here.

Bug Reports: This is for documenting actual bugs you're encountering. If you're experiencing something weird but you're not sure if it's worthy of a bug report, feel free to mention it in the Discord and if the consensus is that it's a bug, please document it here.

'Kin Q&A: If you have a question specifically about otherkin, the community or anything like that, even if you're not a registered guest, post it here! It says that it'll be answered by staff, but anyone is able to respond, although posts are moderated so staff have to approve them before they go up.

Chit Chat: This board is a place for off-topic, general chatter, and things that don't necessarily incite meaningful conversation. Reactions are disabled in here to prevent their abuse for lower quality content (with regards to the site's overall goal of 'kin discussion, not that the content itself is meaningless). This board is also PUBLIC, so keep that in mind when posting. We may move threads here if we feel they're better suited to this board; please understand that it's so our other boards reflect active discussion and can be reacted to appropriately.

The Watering Hole: Most focused discussion on Kinmunity is likely going to be kin-focused, but if you have a general, non-kin topic that involves deeper discussion, post it here. I know there is some grey area between content that belongs here and what belongs in Chit Chat, so if you're unsure, ask yourself if users would be able to respond to each other's posts in order to continue meaningful discussion, or if they'd just add casual replies.

Creative Corner: This board is for sharing things you've created, or deeper discussion about art, photography, and the like. That being said, even if your topic is about art, lighter topics that would otherwise go in Chit Chat should go in Chit Chat. If you're intending to make a thread dedicated to your art specifically though, please instead use the gallery to do so.

Howls: If you're looking for local 'kin (typically with the intent of a meet up), please do so in this board. For the safety of our younger members, only those over the age of 16 may plan meet ups.

Thank you!
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Hey guys! I wrote this up last night, but we didn’t unhide it until today, so I’m bumping it up to make sure people see it. Thanks!

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