Who else was lost on what they were Untell the saw this place on YouTube


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Oh how so 
The mod Coffee called me selfish and manipulative just because I asked where my points went, tried making suggestions for the site and Dustwolf blocked me because he thinks I'm being fake for having "too many theriotypes" and he doesn't believe in spiritual kin or phantom shifts . It's a very toxic community and many people on there hate Christians

I also learned about Kinmunity through therian guide. I've never been outright called out for anything and, of course, there are a few sweet souls there, but I have to agree with Eersian that it's not a great place. I've always felt 'not right' and almost ostracized? being there and talking about things. I think part of it is that they have a lot of older therians who didn't have easy access to other therians and otherkin like we do now, so I think that affects how they view the new generation. Idrk, I'm just glad to be part of kinmunnity. I freaking love the people here.