Why I don't have much about my kind identity


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Hello so sorry I haven't really thought about my identity because i have avoided it for almost my whole life. I am trying to figure out and learn all I can so I don't I'm something that I'm not! I will try to keep you all updated so it can make things easier for me and everyone else! 



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Taking your time to figure things out is a good thing. You're right it's much better to do that than to jump on something that doesn't quite fit. I wish you luck! The blogs are a good place to record those questions and ideas and even ask for advice. 



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Feel no need to rush the searching, it is not something that comes swiftly to everyone. Some spend decades, an entire lifetime even, looking for it and never find it because for all the work they do on it, it is not good work. It must come to each at their own pace, embrace that. Avoid nothing in it, explore what each element means and consider what all those contents are before daring to commit to anything. Being wrong is not inherently a bad thing either but it can delay it some. Likewise, as cliche as it is, the entire endeavor of coming to wholly know and embrace identity is the journey and not the destination. I myself might be at the end of my path but there is still more to do even then and now I look back to remember the process of getting to it more fondly and with greater admiration than I do the answer.