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Will you or have you ever told anyone in real life you where otherkin and how did it go?


I have told my mom and close friends. So when i told my mom this was her reaction "🤔🤨🧐" She did not know what it was but when i told her that i identify with a Wolf spiritually and psychologically she was like " 😐😅😚"
But i am really glad she still accepts me and when i told my close friends they where like "😮😁😄" they actually did not think i was weird or anything but they accepted me and just treats me normally but i think i had the easy way out.


Staff member
I think your friends are awesome!

My mom sorta guessed after the long years of the casual tiger-related knick-knacks, accessories and accidental growls. I feel I should wait for her to ask me more about it, than the other way around.

My closest friends are all either otherkin or furry, so there's that (though early on I wasn't even aware that therianthropy was a thing, and felt too weird to share that to them!)

I told two ex-coworkers at a warehouse job,
.. one shared they worked at a computer repair club with another man that designed fursuits in the back! (wow, cool!) the person was a dolphin therian.
.. the other, kinda like an older brother to me, mentioned that he and his partner loved to create masks and costumes .. how could I not show my own tiger costume at that point? it fostered more trust.

The more public acquaintances .. they maybe entertain roleplay a little with me, or get weirded out, I try not to scare them away ⚠️