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A group for other-hearted people.

  1. Velvet Wings

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    Nov 5, 2015
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    I'm Velvet, feline cladotherian, argonian fictionkin and wolf-hearted. :wigglewolf:

    I've been obsessed with wolves since first learning of their existence (can't remember how old I was, but I'd guess fairly young). At 13 I discovered forum roleplay and spent so many hours roleplaying as a wolf, although many of the sites I found annoyed me as they weren't anything like real wolves so I was pretty fussy about only joining realistic wolf roleplay forums. After a year or two of joining other people's forums I decided to make my own and ran a pretty large roleplay for a few years. I became so involved with my wolf characters they seemed to write themselves and looking back I think they became almost soulbond like at the time.

    I often have wolf shifts (mental, phantom and dream) and my first thought on finding therianthropy was "omg I'm a wolf". Although having always felt feline it didn't take me long to realise that wolf was something I wanted to be rather then something I was. I used to introduce myself on therian sites as a feline therian with a deep spiritual connection to wolves, because back then there was no term for such a connection but I felt it was such an important part of who I was that it needed to be included in any introduction.

    It was through my love of wolves I met my partner, my connection with wolves also influenced my love of dogs and played a big role in my career choice, so being wolf-hearted has really shaped my life.

    -waves- Hey, I'm Tor, a fictive HDM daemon. :3
    I'm not sure if I'm other-hearted or not, I'm not quite sure how I'd tell the difference between being -hearted and just really liking something. But I will say I love dragons. Dragons are awesome.
    Any books or films with dragons grab my attention, I love reading about them and would say they are by far my favorite creatures and I am mildly obsessed. :p

    Since I can shift my form I do enjoy becoming a dragon, they are my personal favorite form to take. I've shifted into a variety of different dragons before but my favorite and most common form is a small (border collie sized) blue wyvern.