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What would you do? Post a random scenario (as twisted as possible and ask the next person who responds WWYD?) Make sure you tell us what you would do for the scenario of the last person who posted (before you) before you make up your scenario.

So, one day you woke up and learnt that your whole life had been a dream and you were living in a world that was the complete opposite of your 'dream' life. WWYD?


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Be horrified that my brain could create something so realistic and detailed, then maybe make a story based on my experiences.

What would you do if you woke up at night in the middle of nowhere, and you feel like you aren't all alone in the darkness of the woods around you? You sense many eyes watching, but none are there when you turn to look. You hear branches crunching from behind you, yet there is still nothing there. Where do you go? Do you call out for help, or would that lead the opposite directly to you? Could anything match the fear and confusion arising within your very soul?

Alternatively: What if you woke up and you were bald, and you have no clue how that happened? That's also very scary. You live alone in this situation.


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For the first one: I would try and find something to hide under because small spaces make me feel safe. I would probably check I wasn't dreaming and then if I heard another loud noise I would probably just scream and run if I didn't find something to hide under. If I did, I would wait it out until morning so hoping that the 'creatures' would go away with the rising sun.

What would you do if your best friend told you he/she/they/other killed someone?​