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You can use all my blogs?

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For the triumphant return of Kinmunity, I want to suggest an eventual return of blogs. They were a really good way to let us talk about what was on our minds without it needing to be in the form of a discussion topic. Sometimes people just need to write it out, you know? And being able to share that with others who might be able to help is always a good thing.

P.S. Yes, that is a song lyric...sort of.



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Blogs are already enabled on the site! I missed them at first glance too, but if you hover over the community tab, there's a blogs option in the drop-down menu. It'd definitely be good if they were a bit more visible from the main page though, for sure. 🙂



To add to this, I like how there’s a main blog page, which then has its own entries, rather than making so many differing blog entries to have to scroll around to find your own.

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