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Your own profile is out to kill you, how screwed are you?


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TIO wouldn't kill me. He'd try and manipulate me into joining the insolence because of how I felt after getting infected and locked in the cage. Even if I refused, he's still really powerful, and enough to do what he wants with some anthro fox. Maybe he would kill me off, but I doubt it. Either way, I am very screwed.


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Caracals don't normally want anything to do with people, but if one wanted to kill me, I'm 100% screwed.


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If we're talking about me in my human form, it depends on how big that chibi dragon is... Oh, and since it's a chibi of me, does she have my dragon abilities of acid spitting and venomous bite? 'Cause if she does, even if she's only the size of a teacup, I'm kinda screwed unless I can trap her in some sort of earthenware vessel that the acid can't eat through.


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I love the aesthetic of my profile so much, I think I'd just let it happen and die. If someone dresses up this way for an assassination, I'll take it. Just a shot to the head, I wouldn't even feel it.
Alternatively I'd beg if I could be a part of whatever organisation they're a part of that has them dressing up like that.
Riri is the type to not attack unless there is terrible danger. Time for a cup of tea and rest! But if Riri were to kill me, it would be 50/50


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Those talons! That beak! It probably doesn't know the Mongolian hunting eagle go-for-the-eyes trick though. This would lead to a very unfun trip to a hospital at the very least. I should stay indoors.


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Genderfluid Pride
I would die in pure agony and pain, tortured, but I bet it would be kinky in some way, so I would just let it happen.