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Your own profile is out to kill you, how screwed are you?


A wolf in human's clothing
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I'm probably dead. I do know a bit about handling dogs, including dealing with aggression. However, this is not a domestic dog, so while some of the same things apply, not nearly all of them do, and it's not likely I'll remember which don't quickly enough. And if it's deadset on killing me... There was a time in my life, back when I was still dancing pointe and in marching band with an instrument that weighed about 40% of my body weight, where I might have stood a chance. I was many fewer years removed from what martial arts training I did have and had learned how to channel the same skills and movements I would use in dance into self defense. Plus I was ridiculously strong for my size. But at this point in my life, I'm out of shape, out of practice, and need to work on regaining strength after extensive unintended weight loss. Plus wolves are much bigger in person than you would think based on their measurements, and they're very strong.

Cartoon Cat

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I'd be pretty evenly matched. I'd just have to out think myself. The winner would be decided by who can use toon logic the quickest and most efficient way. However, assuming combat is avoidable, I could figure the duplicate me's reasoning and help him out


New member
i think i'd go out unscathed! it's just my fursona! and he's like rlly small i'd like to think! : ) i'm not good at fighting so it would just be a v anticlimactic slap-fight.


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Thief's Toolbox
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Shadow Dog
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A drawing of 3 of my types. Not my other one since its a literal media.

Their all really strong and aggressive, they could kill me so easily, in a blink of an eye : ' D

The Royal System

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Vincian Pride
Hmmmm yeah I’m pretty much dead. I mean I would have to fight a divine. Sure it may be their human form but nope I’m dead. Although he does trie for peace First.


It really depends on if it would be sentient and/or just fizzle out because of lack of fuel. If it does become a magical dragon mademout of fire that doesn’t need fuel, then I’m dead. But if it obeys the laws of physics as we know them, I would probably be fine.