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Kitsu    23

There aren't many songs or games that are about foxes, although some games might have fox characters. For movies, there's Fantastic Mr. Fox, Yobi the Five-tailed Fox, and soon to come, Zootopia.

I do know some anime that feature foxes (or kitsune), such as Gingitsune: Messanger of the Fox Gods (about fox spirits living at a shrine) and Guregure Kokkuri-san (note: very crude humor).

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Zen'akufuni    35

Never Alone is a game in which one of the main characters is a fox. Next year, Stories: The Hidden Path will be out, which has an anthro fox protagonist. Armello has a playable fox character who will be in an upcoming DLC offering. The Sly Cooper series has a fox character who is playable in the later installments (non-playable in the early games). Also, Five Nights at Freddy's and Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb have fox characters.


In terms of anime and manga, Our Home's Fox Deity and Kanokon (the latter has mature elements, so I only recommend if you are 17+). Yobi: The Five-Tailed Fox is a Korean anime.


There's also a live-action movie called All the Little Animals (beware of massive feels), as well as a Japanese film titled Helen the Baby Fox.

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