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Mini Update (10-17-15)

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Shiro    437

We have yet again performed some small updates to the site to improve usability, stability, and security.

  • We have applied a total of fourteen updates that will improve the security and stability of Kinmunity.
  • The chat system has been updated so that you will hear alert sounds even if you’re not viewing the chat window. This was requested here.
  • The chat system has been updated so that whispers and responses from KinBot now have different alert sounds.
  • Several display issues and graphical bugs have been fixed.
  • A privacy update also occurred, which was implemented several days ago. This update hides the instant messaging bar from users who choose not to reveal their online status. This is to prevent their status from leaking.

This update included a server restart which resulted in downtime under two minutes. We apologize if anybody was in the middle of writing a post or thread when the downtime occurred. Thank you for continuing to use Kinmunity!

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