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I want to practice drawing/painting animals so I thought it would be fun if I organized something on here! Basically you draw me somethin and then I draw you something in return!
I drew my icon if that gives you an idea of my art,but I've also got stuff on myΒ DeviantartΒ orΒ Furaffinity!

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I'd be up for it if someone wants to Direct Message me!

Here are samples of my DA. I also have a Website.

I do have surgery in 3 days so I will be MIA for a while!

β—† Sunbie (He/Xey) β—†ο»Ώ

Edited by Bunflower

Call meΒ Sunbie
(He/HimΒ β—† Xey/Xem)
Reinhardt (Overwatch) | Copper/Red BorzoiΒ  | Faery (Nature Elemental & Satyr)

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Cool meeting others who have DA accounts.Β 

There should be an art section/art-journal or sketchbook section. I share my art on TG, but that's the only kin forum I do that with since they have a sub forum for it. I might comment on your work if you link you DA.Β 

-HaphaxCorvid says Hi.

Timber wolf therian-- changeling-- horse hearted
~Being kin is a journey of finding yourself, loosing yourself, searching and doing it all over again.~

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