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Pumped for Fallout 4.

I may or may not be positively vibrating with excitement over Fallout 4. I think I have too much to say to jot it all down here, so I'll list one of the reasons why I'm so super-amped for it.


Remember how in Fallout 3 you would quickly find yourself over inundated with junk? Pencils, ruined books, tin cans, bent tin cans, empty milk bottles, empty scotch bottles, empty whiskey bottles, empty beer bottles, empty wine bottles, (I can go on.) and they would sell for a few measly bottle caps while taking up precious inventory space?


WELL NO MORE. I am absolutely beyond overjoyed that whatever we pick up will now have an actual worldly use! There will no longer be such a thing as "Junk" for me. As a bona fide hoarder myself, one of the first things I'm doing is changing my maximum carry weight to ten thousand. If I still reach that quickly, then I know I have a problem. :rolleyes: Haaa...


Oh and you can upgrade your stuff using that junk. The junk represents one or two aspects of a "category" of part. Wood, Metal, pipe, adhesive, etc. I'm guessing, I mean.


What I'm worried about is that you might reach a point where you've upgraded your weapon(s) to the point where you won't need any other weapons or junk. You'll be set for the whole game with a favorite set. So then what is the stuff worth to you? It's why I'm sort of hoping that maintenance is a thing they add to the game. I really don't mind micromanaging my stuff. I mean I know it existed in Fallout 3 as a concept, where you could repair your weapons with similar items. So repairing very, very heavily modded weapons will be interesting. I wonder how they'll handle it if you've completely and utterly altered two different weapons to the point where they barely even remotely resemble their original counterparts, but can still technically "repair" one another using each other. That would be weird. Like getting a kidney transplant from a Super Mutant because it's based off of a human template. Yeah.


So excited. November 10th.


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