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Kinmunity is an online community resource for otherkin, therianthropes, the other-hearted, vampires, plural systems, and others with non-human identities. By signing up, you'll be able to participate in the largest and most active otherkin community on the internet. We provide forums, personal profiles, blogs, an image gallery, and a live chatroom to our registered members. Signing up is really fast, why not join us? All are welcome on Kinmunity!

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(10-26-15) Site Updates

We release updates so much that this probably isn't even news to anyone, but this update includes bug fixes, and over 100 new smileys, so why not?

  • Hundreds of new emoji-style smileys have been added! The following new categories will appear in the smiley selector:
    • Emoji (Smilies)
    • Emoji (Extended)
    • Emoji (Symbols)
    • Emoji (Time)
    • Emoji (Places)
    • Emoji (Travel)
    • Emoji (Human)
    • Emoji (Food)
    • Emoji (Clothes)
    • Emoji (Space)
    • Emoji (Buttons)

    [*]Several bugs with our Social Groups system have been fixed!

    • A bug that occurred in certain situations when deleting calendar events has been patched.
    • The "groups" tab will no longer show on the profiles of users who are not a member of any groups, rather than displaying the "loading..." text infinitely.
    • The events system in the group will now respect the correct timezone.
    • The "watch category" button has been fixed.

    [*]As usual, several security and stability related updates have been applied to help improve your experience.

    • Kinmunity now uses Domain Keys Identified Mail with Author Domain Signing Practices, along with Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.
      • We now digitally sign and authenticate all outgoing email. This allows email providers to verify mail was sent from us, and will hopefully prevent stupid providers like Outlook/Live from arbitrarily blacklisting us in the future.
      • We now instruct (ask) email providers to reject mail that cannot be authenticated by us. This will help protect you from phishing emails claiming to be from us.


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