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Downtime (11-02-15)

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Naia    444

We are aware of an extended period of downtime that effected our site for several hours today on 11/02/15. This downtime was caused by a network failure at the datacenter which contains the server Kinmunity is hosted on. We appear to be back online, but our host, OVH, is still working on getting that data center fully operational so things may be a bit odd for several hours to come. You can follow the progress of this incident here. This type of downtime isn't typical and hopefully shouldn't happen again anytime soon.


As a reminder, Kinmunity has several channels which it utilizes to communicate with users during any downtime events. This includes our Official Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google+ Page, Steam Group, and Discord Server. During downtime, we utilize these resources to give you timely status updates and information as it becomes available to us. We recently utilized all six of these resources during this particular spout of downtime. If you're not already following our social media pages, now would be a good time to do it!


Thank you all for continuing to use Kinmunity!


Update 2: We are on a backup node. Our server WILL go down again and connectivity will be slow until full access is restored at BHS.

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