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Updates & Important Changes

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Our update schedule has become very rapid. We release updates so often that these announcements probably get tiresome. However, we feel it's best to inform our members what we're working on and what we've done to improve the site so that you all know we still care!


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed various bugs with our social groups system.
  • We have fixed a bug with our KinCash system involving alerts.

Major Changes

  • Defending Your Territory is now an opt-in forum. [spoiler=Opt-In Instructions]
    The opt-in process is very simple:
    1. Click here to visit your account preferences.
    2. On the next page, Click the Opt-In check box next to "Defending Your Territory", then click "Save Changes".

    Alternatively, you can follow this process from any page:

    1. Towards the top-right of the website's top navigation bar, you will see an icon which is shaped like the silhouette of a person next your username. Hover your mouse over your username as it appears here.
    2. A miniaturized version of the User Control Panel will drop down. Click the link that says "Preferences".
    3. A small preferences window will either appear immediately, or you will be directed to the preferences page. Click the Opt-In check box next to "Defending Your Territory", then click "Save Changes".

    Note: It can take up to one hour for your opt-in request to be processed by the system! If you have any active warning points, your opt-in will fail.



Minor Changes

  • Several backend (server-related) updates have been applied; this will help make the site more stable.
  • Due to an increase in attempted spam attempts, we have adjusted our security configuration to be stricter when handling potential message spam. A notice & reminder to spammers: We apply <rel=nofollow> to all posted links, link spamming here is pointless and it does nothing to enhance your SEO. In fact, it harms you because all spam attempts are reported to StopForumSpam, Project Honeypot, and Trust+.

We would also like to remind you to please take the 2016 Otherkin Community Survey! You may take that by clicking here! Thanks for being a part of Kinmunity!

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