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Safety of the internet

Being safe on internet is something that is very important, something new that I have seen is fake accounts on facebook, they seem to be very uncommon at least for me, I don't really see them a lot compared to other chat sites I've been a member of when I was growing up, the popular teenage sites and stuff, I learned pretty fast what a fake account looked like.

But how can you tell if an account on facebook is fake or not?

On other chat sites they were like... completely empty and a rude guy asking for.... bad stuff, clearly some kind of rapist or a very desperate person.

On facebook these guys are actually polite, the only reason I rate their profiles as fake is because:

- They only have one or two profile pictures of themselves, being a ridiculously hot looking person, like a model.

- They have no friends or very few like 2.

- They aren't friends of your friends, they are complete strangers.

- The profile is empty except for a few comments and pictures.

- The account is newly created.

- They only list one job or one school which is not from my country (Sweden)


Does this sound fake to you?

I don't really care if they are being polite or not what scares the um... c*ap out of me is that they say something like "Hi I see you out with your dog almost every day! you look so beautiful together! :)" it's written in Swedish of course but their profile looking the way it does like listed above and they open a conversation being creepy, I can't help but feel, it's a pedophile, rapist or some kind of dangerous person behind the computer.

What do you think?


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Hmm, I know little about Facebook as I don't use it, but is there a report button you could use to block them if they're worrying you?


From what you described it could be a bot. In the case it is a spam bot, the things they could have said may be down to general guessing. You get them on most sites after all, usually they're programmed to act human and then send you links to inappropriate sites and all. They seem pretty creepy but they're not harmful unless you follow links or give information.

This is likely because it tips me off that the account is recent, sparse and speaks in your language despite seemingly being from a different country.


Bset thing to do is block them though, especially in case it is a real person. About the dog comment, do you have pictures of your dog on your account? It'd be easy for someone to use what they see of you to try and scare you for laughs.


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Fake Facebook accounts are used for a variety of reasons, but the vast majority of them are used by spammers and scammers for the purpose of building up social media "buzz" about a particular company, product, or group of companies or products. This type of activity is similar to forum spamming. Scammers also use fake profiles to perform lonely hearts scams in order to swindle money from naive users. The following examples are common uses for Fake Profiles:

  • Generating social media buzz: reviewing certain businesses, liking certain pages, adding friends who like those pages to make the account look more 'real' to FB security, etc. These are normally bots.
  • Scamming of various kinds: interacting with real users in order to scam them out their money. Most commonly, lonely hearts scammers. These are normally people in foreign countries, but can be local too.
  • Investigations: Accounts operated by Law Enforcement, Private Detectives, and Security Consultants for intelligence collection.
  • Dangerous Individuals: stalkers, pedophiles, etc.
    • Creepy Individuals: sex fiends, blackmailers (want photos to extort you with)

There are a lot of high quality fake accounts, and some low quality ones as well. Facebook offers the ability to report and block accounts which 'do not represent a real person' and I highly encourage you to use this when encountering such an account.


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@AshenFall I do have pictures of my dog, he's all over my account. :D It's easy for them to just look at my profile picture and comment on it, all the other pictures are not available for strangers only to friends.


@Shiro Very interesting and informative, I didn't know most of it, I never really thought of reporting these accounts, I'm going to do that right now!


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