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New Puzzle Game!

This is Craig!




Craig is an adventure/puzzle game that was finished only about ten days ago, by tumblr user applepai.


The entire game is in black and white (save for a few small instances of color), and transitions between a very gameboy-esque style to a very expressive, cartoony one (Seen on the start screen.) It draws heavily from "room escape" puzzles - except once you've gotten out of a room, you have to find a way to get into another. Items you find along the way can be picked up and used to assist you - That is, nearly everything can be used to assist you, in some way or another.


NPCs are scarce, but Craig makes up for it with his own delightful commentary. Craig is such a delightful member of society that everything can be greeted! Even the trash.




The game summary advertises that it's about 20-50 minutes long, but I would definitely say that's only if you don't get stuck. Getting stuck in Craig means wandering around aimlessly and clicking on everything, and unfortunately, there are next to no hints to help you along.


Completing the game is possible, but requires extraordinary attention to detail. In order to complete the game, you pretty much have to interact with everything somehow. It took me about 2 hours because I got really stuck 2 different times.


Link on rpgmaker.net


Try it out! I found it really endearing and fun, and I'd love to talk to someone about it.


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