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Discontinuing Social Login

Beginning on December 20th 2015, we will no longer be supporting login using Facebook, Twitter, or Google Accounts. While it may be extremely convenient to login to Kinmunity using these platforms, there are many security and privacy related concerns with this. The main concern is that companies providing these universal identifiers (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) are able to track which sites their members are using them to register on. As part of our effort to increase user security and privacy, we no longer wish to contribute to their graph data in this way. We also no longer wish to trust external services to authenticate OUR users.


The ability to login and register using social media was originally provided as an option to help interested users speed up the registration and validation process when joining Kinmunity. However, in actual use, it does not speed up the process, but in fact creates additional burdens to registration. The only real benefit of allowing users to login this way is that it allowed them to login quickly with already established credentials. This in of itself is a security “no”, and fosters bad practices that we do not wish to continue supporting.


Thank you.


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