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Animal/Mythical Simulator Apps

Have any folks heard about Gluten Free Gaming's simulator apps?

They're $0.99 iPhone/Android apps where you play as whatever the title creature is, and you run around, fight things, keep your food and water meters up, and can eventually have a mate of your same species (if desired) and offspring. I can't vouch for the others as I haven't played them, but in the dragon one, you can unlock other color palettes for your body, and different colored fire.


They have variations for: wolf, horse, lion, dragon, hawk, cheetah, dolphin, eagle, elephant, falcon, fox, griffin, hyena, tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, owl, polar bear, sabretooth tiger, scorpion, snake, stray domestic cat, stray domestic dog, grizzly bear, crocodile, and shark.


They're not amazing or exactly realistic, but I was definitely distracted for a good few hours, and it runs offline so if I'm out of service it's a way to kill some time.


Simulators | App Category | Gluten Free Games


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