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Does anyone play sims 3

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AshenFall    413

Oh, I love The Sims! One of my favourite games, you'll find me on it almost all the time. Wish the expansion packs weren't so expensive though, it drains me of my money, haha. I don't play much of Sims 3 anymore now that Sims 4 is out, but I definitely go back to play it every now and then for the stuff Sims 4 still doesn't have.

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Elvode    39

I used to play all the sims games and expansions, it stopped at sims 3 tho. I remember making a blue zebra.

The best games by far was definitely the original sims games with all the expansions, they have content that will never be added in future sims games, the old graphics are amazing and I was hoarding dragons until they burned down my house.

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