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Cave Story? Cave Story.

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Nova    2

I just finished my second playthrough and I still can't get over this game??? If you don't know, Cave Story is a platformer from Studio Pixel (read: developed all by one guy over the course of five years) in which you play as an amnesiac who wakes up in a cave with no idea about, well, anything. There's also adorable little rabbit people called Mimigas.


It's a really, really great game with an interesting story and very challenging gameplay (but maybe I just stink at platformers?) and I never really see anyone talk about it (though, I have seen a little bit more related to it coming from Undertale fans who make crossover content. Well, after all, Undertale's name is a reference to Cave Story) and I really think it deserves some more attention. The original game is free, or you can get the updated Cave Story+ on Steam. I really highly recommend it so, yeah. Also, the music is great, with a really unique sound.

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Enby Duck    3

Cool! I'll definitely look into it, the game seems extremely interesting just from looking at it.

I'll definitely give it a go :D (Also works for me considering I'm broke and this game's free..

Might as well give it a shot.)

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