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What sort of pets do you have? {Image Heavy}

What kind of pet/s do you have?  

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  1. 1. What kind of pet/s do you have?

    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Bird
    • Reptile/amphibian
    • Fish
    • Other
    • None

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WhiteWolfKR    9

I figured since my life revolves around animals 75% of the time, lol.

I'm interested in what critters everyone keeps in their homes. :) (Or outside)

I myself have two dogs, a bearded dragon, a hamster and a ton of tropical freshwater fish.

So if you have any photos, please post and tell us a little about your pet.


This is Kameko, my 5yr old Dachshund/Pomeranian female.


Anika, my 6 month old Cocker Spaniel/Beagle female.


Mushu, my 8 year old Bearded Dragon.


Miku, 1 year old Syrian Hamster female. (Every photo I have of her is with her face stuffed full of food XD)


My girls with my mothers dog, Jet who is a 6 year old Yorkie/Chihuahua.




I've had all of my animals since 8 weeks of age. I have a ton more photos and couple probably talk for hours about any of them, lol.

I have owned a horse, turtles, rabbits, birds, mice, and stick bugs in the past. I'm currently debating on adopting a cat from a local no-kill shelter. My family is very pro-dog, my parents own 2 king sheppards and of course my moms baby Jet. My roomates in the past have owned cats and Kameko liked them very much. So we shall see when I go to the shelter if any of them click with me.

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Calico    13

My family isn't too fond of animals, it took a lot of work to convince them to let me adopt my current two animals, haha.


Anyways, this is Max, my 5 year old male Goldendoodle.



And this is Skyla, my 7 month old sable syrian hamster, who I'm extremely close with and can't be separated from for more than a day :p


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Exonia    6

i have my thirteen hamsters gizmo, cookie, caramel, Shakespeare, minstrel, ebony, misty (Syrian hamsters) Apollo, ares, Eros, thorn, sage (russian dwarf hamsters) and vexx (chinese hamster) and then my Labrador buster, cat Merlin and rabbits Guinness and Stella

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Exonia    6

Oh my he's gorgeous!

Ah! Another hammy lover :) Lots of people think it odd that I love my hamster lol



:0 13? That's awesome! You must have one heck of a setup.


yup i do! im a hammy mummy! all of my cages are either barney cages, alexander, rat cages or as big as 80 x 50 x 45 :) you gotta love them, all but three of mine are rescues and some have come from abusive situations, ebony was going to be culled for being handicapped (3 legged) and i took him in, hes healthy and a sweet boy

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Morgana    1

I have one cat named Ruby Cadha. I met her on Valentine's day. I had finished my long distance text and phone conversation with my then girlfriend, and for some reason I went to PetCo. Then I looked at the cats. She was facing away where all you could see was her back, and didn't care at all. I could tell she was super sad and scared and hated it there. I asked about her and she had escaped twice, living in the back room, chilling on giant dog beds eating the food she liked. This intrigued me. They said she was super sweet. I knew she was supposed to come home with me. I brought the info home, asked my roommate if we could go look at here and here she is, asleep at my feet I adore her. She will be 8 this year, and is the best cat in the entire world!




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These are my beautiful goldfish! I love them to death! Rocky is the small common. Streak is the oldest and biggest goldfish. Phantom is the fancy doubletailed. I call her Phantom because her scales are matte and you can see through them! It's fascinating from a biological point of view.




This is my boxer Dolly! She's my baby even if she is hard headed. I haven't had her for a year yet and I wouldn't trade her away for anything!



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Diamond Sky    47

I have a cat who minds her own, and so do I, for the most part. She moved in the same time I did, and she became mine. I'm not as fond of animals in my own home as I used to be, because I've had many pets. I do still however keep a casual eye out for the young cats near my work who live outside, and I still run into animals constantly. I'm gonna always be the one giving them water or trying to save them if they're hurt. But that's about it for me, I don't care for seeking them out. I once wanted a snake, but now that I have a cat, I don't because I can't. So that's it for me.


Edit: To illustrate my point I guess, a dog I've never seen around here just appeared as soon as I hit reply.



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redwood    0

The second pet I ever had, female one year-old kitty named Willow.



First pet I ever had, female cat and... I've sort of lost track of her age? I think she's eight years old? Anyway, her name's Bootsie.


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Magic    97


This is my child, Jessie. She's a rescued GSD mix that I have a billion pictures of... I've also got a fat, small mutt named KC- who I currently can't access any pictures of on the computer I'm on. I did have a tuxedo cat named Woody, but, he ran away about two weeks ago when I moved. (Just my luck.) So, for now, I'll share Jessie. :)
This is Kay, she passed a few weeks ago. She was my baby and service dog for a very long time (Almost two years)
Terribly sorry for your loss, she seemed incredible.


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Kaijara    0

I have a 1+1/2 year old Male Dachshund/JackRussel mix :) His name is Shiloh and we do everything together.

f7dac91a1585aeb15d49ab5a18e2bc0c.jpg. 3758d0e2976cc322a1569a8af673a42a.jpg[/img]


I have two cats too! The white one is Kanna and the black one is Chai :) a6fba16f07455d599e7b013a5808179f.jpg[/img].


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cobaltine    6

the first time I tried to post this, something went horribly wrong when I tried to get rid of an attachment. oh well.We have a dog, cat and some fish, but the cat is the only animal that I technically own. she's a british shorthair/tabby mix called Minky. and she's a sweet pea. she has an anxiety disorder, but that doesn't stop me from loving her.





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toeclaws    5

My family currently has a Corgi/Rat Terrier mix (Watson/Wattybear), a mutt of too many breeds to list (Oliver) and a black cat with behavioral problems (Kiki), who we've been keeping for a couple years while her owner finds a stable housing situation. Can't currently post pictures but Watson is very photogenic.

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AshenFall    406

This is my dear little feathered companion, Darwin. He's a Yellow Sided mutation Green Cheek Conure. He loves nothing more than to bury himself in my hair and snuggle. :)



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Devagraha    3

I have 2 cats,

Rolo, is a white and gray cat,

And Tiger is a, well; multiple colored cat.

That generally looks like a tiger.

Both are 1, with the exception of Tiger being a few months older than Rolo.

I would show you pictures however my link is acting funny. ._.



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Kimber    6

I have a couple snakes. They're my little babs. I've had plenty of pets in the past such as dogs, turtles, a rabbit, birds, fish. I plan on getting a dog in the near future when living arrangements allow for it and I'll probably end up with more reptiles because I really love them.


This is Nagini, I shouldn't choose favourites, but he is my favourite lol. He's a 2 foot long 1ish year old lesser platinum ball python. He's my first snake and I got him when he was just a little bab close to a year ago now.



This is Carl, my biggest bab. He's a 3 foot long 2 year old albino ball python :3 I recently rescued him from a.. less than ideal situation and he's doing very well and getting healthier by the day ^.^



And these are my 2 little corn snakes, I'm not 100% sure on their age, but they're both around 9 ish months old. (they live together)

The orange one is buns, an amelanistic stripe corn snake and the brown one is Richard, a simple normal corn snake :3 (Names courtesy of my super creative friends)

I got them together in February this year and they've been growing like crazy since :)




The lucky little buggers get my walk in closet all to themselves >.>



I apologize for all the pictures >.<

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