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Dragon's Wake (Short Indie Platformer)

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Dragon's Wake is a cute little 2D platformer indie game where you play as a newborn dragon who has to learn to glide, hunt, breathe-fire, grow bigger, and learn to defend itself in dangers. We came across it the other day and I watched a bit of Let's Plays of the game and it seems like a pretty short game. (It seems to be something one could easily finish in about an hour if you don't mess around too much.) However, it does seem rather cute and the story being told in the game (all through images and events) is seems cute too. It doesn't look like an amazing game or anything, just something cute and whimsical, and it might be a little something someone might like to play around with.


We haven't bought it or played it ourselves, but we are thinking of getting it ourselves. So I thought we would share it.


- Dracone (male, shadow dragon)

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Ormr Void    27

Thank you kindly for the links, I have seen the videos and am interesting in the mechanics however I have yet to find a dragon game on the level of Skyrim or GTA that is about dragons sadly

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