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Downtime, Recovery, and More (05-06-2016)

As you are probably already aware, Kinmunity suffered a major server outage on 05-01-2016. On that date, a routine Ubuntu Distribution Update was performed, in order to ensure continued stability and security of the server. Additionally, we planned to update to PHP7, which would have resulted in a significant speed increase on the site. The update process hung in the middle of the update, and the VPS had to be forcefully restarted. This corrupted our file system, and we were left to restore from backup. The SQL backup routine did not appear to execute properly. This resulted in us having to restore from a manual backup that was generated on 01-11-2016


Long story short...

  • If you created an account on Kinmunity between 01-11-2016 and 05-01-2016, you will have to re-register.
  • All posts submitted after 01-11-2016 have been lost.
  • All blog entries, social groups, KinSpots, and Media Center submissions, regardless of when they were submitted, have been lost.
  • All bones have been lost.

Where we're at now...

  • The 01-11-2016 backup has been successfully restored; posts and users created on or before that date have been imported back into the site.
  • We installed the KinSpots system, Media Center, Groups System, and Chat System. All are working and can be used immediately.
  • Instant Messaging is working.
  • We're working to recover all items that were in the KinCash shop. Bones can currently be earned, purchased, and spent; but not all items are present in the shop.
  • Adult Verification, Elder Promotion, and DYT Opt-In works.
  • The default site style has been installed and is working.
  • A new library system has been installed and is working.

What's left to do?

  • Add the default categories back to the blog system.
  • Fully stock the KinCash shop.
  • Install and configure the additional site styles.
  • Several manual code edits & bug fixes.


Going Forward...

  • We have fixed the automated backup script to prevent this issue from reoccurring; at maximum any data loss due to any sort of failure should only be 24 hours worth of data.
  • We will be taking manual database backups each week as a failsafe; we will not rely entirely on automated means.
  • We will verify and decrypt a database backup taken via the automated system on the 1st of each month.

KinCash Recovery

Users who meet certain criteria are able to have their bones recovered. In a recovery operation, a Kinmunity staff member will manually apply missing bones to your account. Claims will be processed in the order in which they are received, and it may take up to two weeks to process recovery claims. Users must meet the following criteria to submit a claim:

  • must have made a purchase on Kinmunity or a donation to Kinmunity at least once.
  • must have been a user of Kinmunity prior to 05-01-2016. Users who have had to recreate their account after the incident still qualify.
  • must fill out the recovery form accurately, honestly, and to the best of your ability.

If you meet the above criteria, CLICK HERE TO MAKE A CLAIM!


An apology

We sincerely apologize for what occurred. Back when Alynna and I founded Kinmunity, one of the main goals was to make it more resistant to failure than its predecessor (Wulf Howl) was. While this goal was not a total failure as we were able to restore some data, I feel that as an administrator I have not fully delivered on my goals and intents for Kinmunity. This was a terrible mistake and it is one we will all learn from. This is not an experience any of us wish to relive. To the loyal members of Kinmunity who have lost data, I'm sorry.


A thank you...

On that same note, thank you to all the users who have donated during the downtime or who have purchased bones once the site came back up, and thank you to the users who remain loyal to the site despite what has happened. You guys are awesome!


A better Kinmunity...

This event did not happen in vain. I am taking the opportunity presented by this catastrophic event to make the site even better than it was before we went down. Together, we'll build the best otherkin community on the internet!


Keep on howling,


Shiro Themian Ulv

Kinmunity Founder & Administrator


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