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Gryff's Lyrics Quiz

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Gryff    428

So if you've been around for a while, you probably either have noticed or have seen me mention that the titles of most of my posts and blog entries are song lyrics. So I thought it might be fun to see how many of them you guys recognize. Unfortunately, a lot of them were lost when the site died, but I have enough either remembered or saved locally to make it happen. Some of these are really easy, and even include the name of the song in the lyrics; others are very obscure. And no cheating!


1. "The ground caved in between where we were standing" (Hint: there's one person here who I definitely expect to get this one)


2. "I know what you're thinking"


3. "I'll be your fantasy"


4. "Just to begin again"


5. "Story of my life"


6. "Break the wall down"


7. "It's easier to run"


8. "There's no turning back now"


9. "In the back of my mind"


10. "Jealousy jealousy running like sonic boom"


Let's start with this and see where it goes :-)

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I've only got two, and they're the easy ones... Number 5 is Story of my Life, but I can't remember the artist. It goes like "Close your eyes and it's paaast, story of my liiiiiiiiife, story of my liiiiiiife...). And number 7 is Easier to Run by Linkin Park. So yeah, I pretty much only have the ones where the quote is in the title of the song. :D

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Gryff    428

I think the song you're thinking of is the one by Social Distortion. Believe it or not, I was actually thinking of the One Direction song (it played on the radio a lot). You're spot on with number 7 though.


Incidentally, unless you were in the chat when I mentioned it a while back, good luck with number 10. It's pretty obscure.

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