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Any other munchkins out there?

How do you play dnd?  

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  1. 1. How do you play dnd?

    • I min max to the far realms and back.
    • I prefer a combat optimized build, well within the Rules-As-Intended.
    • I just play for fun. Optimization is second to role-playing.

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Masema    6

So I was wondering, with all the DND players on site, how many of you abuse the Rules-As-Intended but stay within the holy Rules-As-Written?


I know that I occasionally stretch the Rules (skeleton squirrel production line), as well as combining supplements to create a OP Sorcerer (the rules don't say anywhere that the Battle Sorcerer from Unearthed Arcana can't use the metamagic option from Player's Handbook II), but does anyone else here do this?

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I love optimizing builds and I don't like jack-of-all-trades (masters of none). Just not to the point of breaking the game. It's no fun when you're too OP. So I like DMs who balance out broken abilities and classes. Also, role-playing and character are super important to me when making a character. If a skill is really good but doesn't fit my character's background or personality at all, then I'm not gonna pick it. I also love character flaws. I think it's not only your good stats, but also your bad stats or your disruptive personality traits that end up putting everyone in trouble and creating good stories and fun situations to get out of. So yeah, I optimize, but don't try to break the game and my character comes before my character sheet in order of priorities.


I know you're not the only one abusing D&D's rules when it comes to using many different books. That's when D&D gets kinda wonky, usually, when there are too many options and too many books to balance everything out. If I remember correctly it was in 3.5 people found a way to tweak a locate city spell using metamagics and feats to kill almost everyone in an area the size of a small country with a relatively low-level spell. :D

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