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The Observer

Number Personalities

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The Observer    59

As I was researching astrology, I somehow got on the concept of numbers, and was wondering why my numbers were...well, lucky to me. I began doing research, and then found myself referring back to how I've always assigned personalities, genders, and scenarios to certain numbers. I always knew it wasn't something most people did, but it's something I've never discussed. What do you guys think?


My lucky Numbers & Meanings

  • 1; third luckiest number. Reason:Pops up a lot when chasing ambitions and dreams. Meaning(from research):Leader, the best, confident, number of the human, creative.Personal associated direction: North.
  • 4;second luckiest number. Reason: A feeling of warmth and understanding towards this number. Meaning(from research):stability, completion, justice,phases, symbol of Earth. Associated direction: Center.
  • 9;my luckiest number of all. Reason: pops up all the time, feeling that it is attached to the soul, seems to be a guide to me.Also has a charm to it. Meaning(from research):symbol of magic, sacred, completion, fulfillment,wisdom, good-leadership,heaven.Associated Direction: West (also my lucky direction)

Gender Associations & Personalities of Numbers

  • 1: Male. Robust, bold, energetic, ambitious, center of attention. Sometimes needy, expects others to follow under command.
  • 2: Female. Shy, naive, somewhat withdrawn. Quiet, hides in the shadows, feeling of longing. 4's daughter.
  • 3: Male. Snake-like, vindictive, mischievous, jealous, tactless. Good-humored, but sarcastic. Blunt and closed-minded.
  • 4: Female. Good-natured, reserved, down-to-earth,silent, quirky. Big heart, but reluctant when it comes to trying new things. Charming, and layed-back.
  • 5:Male. 4's older brother. protective, bold, in-your-face, not the brightest, bull-headed. Bad-tempered, honest, hardworking.
  • 6: Male. mischievous at times, but overall good-natured. quiet, focused, prefers to work alone. Closed-minded, somewhat secretive, know-it-all.
  • 7: Male. Happy-go-lucky, naive, daydreamer, optimistic. Usually expects more out of life than what received. good-natured, but not very dependable.
  • 8: Female. Bossy, loud, sarcastic. Mean-spirited, but loyal to friends. Has a drinking problem, and has a "it's my way or the highway" attitude. Tomboyish, does not care for frivolous activities. Awesome sense of humor, but often tactless.
  • 9: Male. Charming, sweet, intelligent. Layed-back, but ambitious and classy. Sociable, easy to get along with. a sweet-talker, natural salesman. Prefers the finer things of life, but generous. Loving, and fun to be around. Always pursuing knowledge, tranquility, and other compassionate people.
  • 10:Gender-neutral. Somewhat forgotten, but okay with it. Goes with the flow. Generally flighty, doesn't really care about anything.
  • 11:Male. Awkward, but likeable. clumsy, short attention span, prefers to be guided rather than lead. easily distracted, not the brightest. Usually happy, very calm and naive.
  • 12: Male. Bossy, spiteful, usually angry or yelling about something. Thinks is always right, never happy. Lazy, thinks is a lawyer. Serious, cannot take a joke. Despises authority.
  • 13: Gender-Neutral. Edgy, follows the alternative crowd. Enjoys complaining. Not actually bad, just misguided. Judgemental, but still listens to others' opinions.
  • 14: Female. 13's older sister. Generally layed-back, but has her emotional moments. Sociable, but usually doesn't care about any conversation. Lazy, but at when she does work, does a pretty good job. Generally creative, enjoys people, but likes time to herself sometimes.
  • 15: Male. Quirky, unsure of himself. Independent, dislikes authority. Extremely hands-on, likes cars. Enjoys time to himself, not many friends. Annoyed easily, but never shows it.
  • 16: Female. The pregnant number. (Yeah, I know, it's weird.) Woeful, extremely emotional. Regrets past mistakes. Tries to find comfort in others, clingy. Loves food. Enjoys pop music.
  • 17: Male. Extremely edgy, hates everybody. Afraid of getting hurt. Rude, sarcastic. Prefers to listen to music rather than do anything. Judgemental, but insecure.
  • 18: Gender-Neutral. Excitable, ambitious. Knows certain things are a bad idea, but does it for fun (if it won't have permanent consequences.) Thinks is invincible, never listens to anybody.
  • 24: Male. Adolescent, always looking for something fun to do. Good-natured, creative, somewhat eccentric. Enjoys being around people, bubbly.

Number Interactions

1 and 4 don't get along. 4 usually tells 1 that they're too arrogant.

12 and 13 often hang out. However, so much as an opinion not shared each other can cause a fight.

16 is in love with 18. 18 knows nothing about this.

24 usually hangs around 8, 18, and occasionally 11. 18 is his best friend, he enjoys 8's humor, and is simply amused by 11. 14 tries to get in on the action, but finds herself getting shoved out due to life issues.

4 and 9 are in love. 5 always tries to keep 9 away from 4 out of suspicion.

16 and 12 hate each other. 12 always makes 16 cry.

3 usually tries to trick 4. 4 doesn't fall for it. He also takes advantage of 2.

2 follows 1 around. 1 barely notices, but has her carry stuff like a pack mule.

7 tries to get along with everyone. When someone gets mad at him, he simply walks away.

14 usually plays video games. She likes to draw, and often thinks of 24 as a brother (24 and 14 used to hang out a lot, but 14 can't anymore due to said reason above.)

17 picks fights with 1 and 8 a lot. 8 usually beats him up, 1 just yells at him.

11 works for 1. 1 sometimes gets mad over 11's clumsiness, but overall is okay with his company and work.

16 usually goes to 4 for consult. 4 listens, but doesn't really know how to react. Whenever 4 tries to give advice, 16 never follows it.

4 tries to be understanding towards 17, but it just doesn't work.

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St Claire    120

Very interesting. I didn't read all of the number personalities, but I did read my favourite number, which is 10, and it basically just described me.


I also noticed that number 10 isn't mentioned in the number interactions, so I guess it really is somewhat forgotten.

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The Observer    59
I also noticed that number 10 isn't mentioned in the number interactions, so I guess it really is somewhat forgotten.

Yeah, number 10 is always been one I've had a hard time placing. I know how I feel about it, but it's the hardest number for me to picture and understand. Then again, I have a weird outlook on numbers in general.

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AshenFall    413

Haha, oh dear 17 has always been my lucky number, and frankly, describes my teenage self to a tee and perhaps even a little bit now too

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