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Dinosaurs, come check this out.

I've been following Saurian for a long long time now, at least sometime early last year. I'm looking forward to seeing an accurate dinosaur game for a change, but it comes at a time when there's a lot of other dinosaur games taking off too. Dinosaur Battlegrounds and The Isle being just two others in development of a handful I know of, as well as Primal Carnage still mostly ruling the dinosaur genre at the moment.

There's a lot popping up around, and I'm curious what's sparked this sudden revival of dinosaur games; but I'm certainly not complaining about it though, haha.


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Tons of dinosaur games are popping up and it is awesome! There are a lot of dinosaur games already, one of the most popular being Primal Carnage.

I have a feeling so many are releasing so soon because of all the scientific discovers we've had recently. You know the big t-Rex you love? Yeah, he has feathers and a different posture. With us now knowing way more (especially with Hell Creek) we can make way more scientifically accurate models and games to counter act the years of scaley posture-wrecked Jurassic Park dinos.

Saurian and Primal Carnage have so far has been my favorite to visually look at. The whole "dinosaur fighting" genre does tick me off a bit though so I'm pretty glad for the actual survival game.


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