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This is a forum game I came up with on another site. It was positively received there, so I felt that I should spread it here. Effectively, you fling an accusation in the format seen in the game Clue (or Cluedo) at the user above you. Accusations are presented like this:


"It was Captain McCloud in the kitchen with the candlestick!"


I happen to have a convenient username for this, as mine contains a rank or title. You can feel free to add one of these to the username of the person you are accusing, if you feel it would work. It is also recommended that, for comedic effect, you use community or pop culture related things as the weapon, and sections of the site as the place. This encourages creativity, and gives the game a community specific feel. Now, because some people are unfamiliar with the game, accusations are delivered in this format:


"It was (person) in the (location) with the (item)!"


Any additions to this format, and things get weird and awkward. Don't add things on, don't cut things out. This is a forum game, not a roleplay. Don't take it too seriously, this is just a quick and creative way to get a laugh, or pass the time. First user to join accuses me. Nicknames and preferred names are totally fine in place of usernames.


Have fun!

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I've never actually played Clue, but I want to give this a go! If this is completely wrong, don't be afraid to tell me, haha.


It was Captain McCloud in The Forest with a spatula! (Yes, spatulas definitely have to do with the community, pfft)

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