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Updates (05/28/16)

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Shiro    437

Kinmunity Core

  • Two low-risk security vulnerabilities have been fixed. These vulnerabilities were never utilized before being fixed.
  • A few bugs involving behavior of BBCode in the WYSIWYG editor have been fixed.

Media Center

  • Several misc bug fixes have been applied.

Trophies System

  • Trophies are now represented by graphics. Upon winning a trophy, that trophy's graphic will be visible on your profile. You may also select "featured" trophies to display on your user card as well.
  • A leveling system has been added. Users will "level up" depending on the amount of trophy points they have. As users level up, they will be able to feature more trophy graphics on their member card.
  • Trophies are associated with 'badges', and you earn a badge once you earn all trophies within a group.
  • We are working to add more trophies to the system over time, users may receive a cluster of alerts as we add trophies to the system and they are awarded retroactively.

Chat System

  • Silver and Gold VIPs now have the ability to set a chatroom status which appears under their username in the user list within chatrooms. This may be set with the /status command while in a room.
  • Gold VIPs now have the ability to mute users within their own room. A mute works as a silent ban, a user does not know they're muted, but their text does not show up for anyone else. This may be set with the /mute command.
  • Several bugs, including automatic scrolling not working for some users, have been fixed.

KinCash Shop

  • A banking feature was added. The banking system will eventually allow you to collect interest on your bones.
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

Profile Cover Image

  • Similar to Facebook, VIPs will now have the ability to upload a 'cover image' to their profile. This image will display on the header of their profile. You may view this profile as an example of what this looks like.
    • Silver VIPs may upload a non-animated image up to two megabytes in size as their cover.
    • Gold VIPs also have the ability to upload animated GIFs, and their maximum image size is five megabytes.


Users who meet certain criteria are able to have their bones recovered. In a recovery operation, a Kinmunity staff member will manually apply missing bones to your account. Claims will be processed in the order in which they are received, and it may take up to two weeks to process recovery claims. Users must meet the following criteria to submit a claim:

  • must have made a purchase on Kinmunity or a donation to Kinmunity at least once.
  • must have been a user of Kinmunity prior to 05-01-2016. Users who have had to recreate their account after the incident still qualify.
  • must fill out the recovery form accurately, honestly, and to the best of your ability.

You have until 06/25/2016 to make a claim!

If you meet the above criteria, CLICK HERE TO MAKE A CLAIM!

Media Contest

We will be re-opening submissions to our media contest very shortly. The theme will be the same as it was before the site went down on 05-01-2016. Users will be given a full month to make their entries. Users who entered the contest before the site went down are encouraged to resubmit their entries. More details will be posted shortly.

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