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Media Contest 1

As promised, we are rebooting our art contest. This contest was originally started to celebrate our new media center functionality, which is now not-so-new. This art contest will take place within our media center and will be judged by the users of Kinmunity. Without further delay, here's the information about the contest:


Kinmunity Media Contest 1 - Voting is open!



Theme: What do you see when you think of Kinmunity?

Acceptable Submissions: Original Artwork, Original Photography

Submission Window: 05-29-2016 through 06-29-2016

Voting Window: 05-28-2016 through 07-10-2016

Grand Prize: Lifetime Gold VIP Subscription + Ƀ10,800.00 Bones + Digital Trophy

2nd Prize: Lifetime Silver VIP Subscription + Ƀ5,000.00 Bones.

3rd Prize: Ƀ2,000.00 bones

Voting Instructions

Please follow our voting instructions exactly as they are written. We are only able to count star ratings as votes, we do not take the amount of likes a submission has into account when scoring entries!

  • Step 1. Click here to visit the contests category within our Media Center.
  • Step 2. Click on a thumbnail to go to the page of an individual submission.
  • Step 3. On the right-hand sidebar, under the "Information" heading, you'll see the text "Rate This Media" as well as five blank stars. Select the number of stars you wish to give to the submission.
  • Step 4. Optionally, provide a comment.
  • Step 5. Click "Submit Rating"

Please go through both pages of entries while voting!

Contest Rules

  1. All submissions must comply with Kinmunity's Terms and Rules.
  2. All entries must be the original work of the submitter. If the submitter did not create the work being submitted, the submission will be disqualified, even if the submitter has the right to republish the work.
  3. Submissions must be appropriate for those ages thirteen and up to view.
  4. Submissions must align with the theme of the contest.
  5. Submissions must be posted between 05-29-2016 and 06-29-2016. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  6. Participants may not solicit other users to vote for them, or request votes using any avenues.
  7. Participants may not vote for themselves.
  8. Participants may not contact voters regarding their vote.
  9. Participants agree that their submissions may be used by the administration of Kinmunity in media related to the site.
  10. Participants who receive warnings for violating our Terms and Rules in other aspects of the site may be disqualified.

Additional Note: While staff members may submit honorary entries into the contest, they are not eligible to win prizes.


Additional Note 2: Dates are in the format MM-DD-YYYY.


Good luck everyone!


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