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The Observer

The Random Character Play

So basically, it's a play with a twist (besides the fact that it never ends);

the first person names a setting for a scene that will take place for ten comments. Each tenth person gets to name a new setting.

After naming or acknowledging the setting, you create a line of action, dialogue, and/or thought using the character given from the person above you. Then, you name a character for the next person to use, with the option of having them reply to a certain character. It looks something like this;


[spoiler=First Example Comment]Setting(if it's the tenth comment):forest

dialogue "Wouldn't it be nice to have a castle?" said the former princess.

next character: Dragon, replying to former princess



[spoiler=Follow-Up Example]dialogue: "Why, I could make one of fire. Of course, I may burn trees in the process." huffed the scaly beast.

next character: a bird


You can play with this as much as you'd like, but try to stay in character. Feel free to reuse characters. Okay, I'll set up the scene and character.

Scene: A mushroom land

Character: Nomad (herding anything you'd like)


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