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Paidia Haidou

Devious GM

My GM is EVIL. His girlfriend, myself, and my room mate are all otherkin. He knows this. He made a campaign where the Illithid are trying to invade the campaign world.


My room mate's first character had amnesia. She turned out to be from another dimension, and accidentally went home. When she did, we found out she was actually from the world of the Order of the Stick (which I don't read, but I get the idea). What this means is that she's technically an outsider herself.


Another character was possessed by an Illithid. My character, being naive and listening to her warlock patron, put a helm of opposite alignment on them, turning the Illithid good, and the character evil. So now that character, who is played by the GM's girlfriend (who is an otherkin) is in an alien body, has body dysphoria, and is in an alien world that they are uncomfortable with.


This illithid character was arguing with my character about how "This world is wrong. The Illithid aren't trying to harm it. They're trying to fix it." ... I felt like such a straw man arguing against it for some reason. I couldn't figure out WHY...


And then I realized... That character was telling me that the Illithid were essentially trying to "get the veil to fall."


And suddenly it clicked. My room mates' character that "went home" to another dimension was a walk in. The Illithid was an otherkin. And the Illithid were trying to get the veil to fall... and I was arguing against it.


So I sent the GM a message asking him if he did it on purpose, and he said that was EXACTLY what he'd done.


I am in awe of how... absolutely devious that was.


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