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Mock-kin 2.0!

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@Voffen, I'm bringing it back! I just couldn't stand going without all of the glorious puns. The withdrawal is real.


For those of you who don't know, Mock-kin was an amazing game that had unfortunately been destroyed in the crash. It honestly was the most fun thread I've ever been involved in. And no, this genius creation was not made by me. I couldn't have even thought of such a great way to enjoy puns. I forget the username, but I remember the avatar clear as day. Anyways, this is how it works:


  1. look at who made the post above you
  2. poke fun at their kintype
  3. enjoy the next pun thrown at you as you think of a clever response

Pretty simple. Here's and example:


Joey Kangaroo (made-up) towards Alice Alligator: I feel bad for the bird that has to clean your teeth.

Alice Alligator: You 'roos may be kickboxers, but you don't have a chance against a pair of shoes.


yeah... Those were pretty bad. Don't be like me.

There's just a few simple rules; don't go too far, and this probably isn't the thread for you if you become offended easily. This is meant to be light-hearted, so don't target or bully anyone. Don't do anything that hits anyone at home. Otherwise, have fun!

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Nice! I'll start.


All of that is easy for you to say, you don't even have a kin type to make fun of! :evilsmile:

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Humankin, can I call you humankin? Alright, humankin, so here is the deal. You like walking on two legs, right humankin? Not everyone is as fortunate, humankin. Old joke, but opposable thumbs, har-har. Now you see, humankin, how blessed you truly are, for you, humankin, are gifted with thumbs.


(I'm not very original, I'm sorry, XD)

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