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Moon Shadow Rayne

Anybody here interested in Nomic?





Yeah, I know, you've never heard of it. Nomic is a game invented by a philosopher (yes! a philosopher!) named Peter Suber. Basically it is mainly pen and paper though it's well suited for forums - better yet for wikis. It starts with a bunch of rules, which include methods of changing those very rules, and generally someone gets points if they successfully change the rules, discover contradictions and paradoxes already in the rules, etc. But mainly it's just a sort of game where people can change the game in accordance with their whim, by majority vote. Some of them are very serious and get ultra litigation-ish (such as AgoraNomic), others are really silly (such as the Ancient Mystical Order of Nomic Crucis). Here's a link explaining it: Peter Suber, Nomic


Now, I'd like to play a Nomic game with some people - it requires a bunch of players - but I don't know anyone who's interested. It takes a rather geeky person who likes pedantic details, though it can also be enjoyed by *normal* people if you don't take it too seriously... which I probably would XD


So, here's my suggestion. KinNomic! Yes! Let's play it here! I've already come up with a generalized base ruleset to start from, which in my humble opinion is WAYYY better than Peter Suber's original... I'll post it if anyone's interested and we can begin. Maybe making a group about it would be the best choice though... dunno.


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