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Theri There...

So recently I found this little cute otherkin comics. I was wondering who has read or heard about them before.

I personally like them a lot, they kinda warm my heart. :p But I'm not sure if the info there is 100% accurate (but its ok, because I don't know a lot about that myself). :blushwolf:


Here's a link to it: [MEDIA=tumblr]did=fc5c922313dbad0c7cd3c4c97b71d83c385c997c;id=111673211167;key=_uWWGgIZWN98ud4_3bY_Kg;name=frameacloud[/MEDIA]


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Oh, thanks for sharing! :) *bookmarks the site*


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Oh yeah. Orion's Theri There used to be updated regularly back in the late 2000s on the website Comic Gensis. However, in 2008 the comic went on hiatus. It wasn't until this year Orion began to really work on it again.


It is a nice and fun comic, though given its age some of the views or terms might be outdated and might be confusing to newcomers. For example, on "In What Way Are You A Wolf?" it lists a number of terms which are no longer used ( such as "phenotype," "wereside," and "true form") as well as explanations for therianthropy that aren't accepted anymore (such as "other ancestry"). However, there are still many pieces from the comic which still are so relatable even after all these years.


- Cavern-Risen (female, werewolf)


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