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Paniczoure    102

After seeing a lot of people having some inventory icons below them when they post, I could notice that some of them weren't recognizable at all. I think one of the ideas of buying this little inventory icons is for people to see it and enjoy and make the post more colorful...

So I was thinking if you could make these icons a bit bigger like before, so we could appreciate these icons at their full potencial.

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Shiro    437

The icons are small so that we can fit a large number of them into the postbit without cluttering up the site's interface. If you click on the icons on the postbit, they will appear in a lightbox enlarged. It is a potential that we can enlarge the icons in the future, but if we do so the following needs to be kept in mind:

  • All item files need to be the same dimensions exactly in order for them to 'fit' properly on the postbit.
  • The larger the item sizes, the less items can fit into the post bit. Users can currently choose up to 25 items to display in the postbit. The sizes are currently 16x16 pixels.
    • If, for example, we changed the item size to the dimensions of 32x32 pixels, this would likely reduce the amount of items that would display comfortably in the postbit to 11 or 12.

    [*]We cannot enlarge the items a size much bigger than 36x36 without causing problems. 32x32 is the best scenario, in my opinion.

With that in mind, this suggestion may be voted on accordingly. If you wish for the item sizes to be enlarged to 32x32, understanding the limitations that it introduces, please vote this suggestion as Useful.



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