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Guest Mirath

The weirdness that is Mirath

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Guest Mirath

You know me from the main forum, really, and I know I’m weird enough.

I was the owner of the previous incarnation of this group, and it was just so handy to have everything in one place, as well as a small likeminded (heh) community within a community.

So, without further ado...

I’ve dabbled in tulpamancy for a few years now, mainly lurking sites such as and some tulpa Amino groups, which I’ve recently gotten back into. I’ve also dipped my toes into the daemian community, but it’s not easy to be on multiple forums at once... I forget too easily.

It’s probably happy coincidence that both headmates are very closely tied to my source material, right?

Ajax is my Daemon, who more often than not is in his personal form of a griffon, and usually just hangs around quietly in the background, just watching and waiting - much like what I do anyway. Even though TDF seems to go on finding your analytical form, I actually struggled with that and I just couldn’t connect despite thinking the ‘yeah that’s definitely like me’, weirdly enough.

’Tulpa’ is about the only label so far that I can think of that describes Gareth, even if one day he did just randomly turn up, us working together using such techniques and exercises used in tulpa creation have helped. He’s only really forced control when I was threatened by someone, which makes me wonder sometimes if that label does fit right... but hey. 

Since he’s very closely tied to my fictionkin identity, I can only imagine that my subconscious made something happen...

But I reckon the guy can speak for himself. He usually does...

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