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Ability to turn off moving features

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Castellamare    37

I recently noticed the moving philters in the updates post, which I really like (although personally they move a bit too fast and annoy me, but I scroll down).

I think that it would be beneficial to be able to turn off the movement of things such as philters, gifs such as kinshop items, avatars (do we have gif avatars? We should haha, new purchase?), and for media submitted into Kinmunity's media area or shared on the forum.

I think this would be helpful for people with severe epilepsy and other problems, as well as irritated people.

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Shiro    437

We are looking into the possibility of allowing users to turn off animated philters. It will not be possible to turn off KinShop items that are gifs, nor will it be possible to turn off media center items that are gifs.

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