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Guess we should introduce ourselves!

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I can't remember if we ever actually introduced ourselves in the first version of Thoughtform Haven... we're all pretty forgetful, haha. Anyway, guess we'll do that now before we forget again!

I'm Rook, and you'll probably know me from the main forum. I'm the only one who's consistently active on KM, mainly because I'm the only one who identifies as otherkin. Me and Akarthyx co-host our little system. Akarthyx (or Khar for short) is my daemon - the other half of myself, basically! We're both equals and both co-front most of the time, though there's situations where one or the other of us will take the lead. I'm the serious, thoughtful, assertive one, while Khar is the light-hearted, outgoing, self-conscious one. We also have Aeolus, who is something between a tulpa and a fictive, and is the Little of our system. He just recently woke up after a very long nap! He's a Flight Rising Wind-element mirror dragon pup, and his age changes a bit sometimes between the human equivalent of 10-15 years. Right now he's about 10, most of the time! He doesn't consider himself fictionkin, nor does he see himself as being spiritual in origin. He doesn't front himself but sometimes pokes his head in, especially when Khar's fronting (not sure why he prefers that - maybe because Khar's mind is less busy, haha).

yep khar is me!! I speak in blue in most places! ughg what else to say uh. well i guess i've always been around in one way or another but me and rook starting talking more when they were like 14 or so, when they first found the Daemon Forum! i guess i've always kinda been a daemon but thats when we first had a word for me! it's hard to really say whether i was "created" or not just because i guess i just popped up fully formed but at the same time i def consider myself to a psychological dude, like me and rook are both part of the same mind and our thoughts are really closely linked even if we don't always agree! i don't consider myself to be spiritually separate from them at all though, like we share the same soul i guess (though i'm not really into the spiritual bs at all,,) and you could argue we kinda even share kintypes to some extent except i don't personally identify as those things even though they're ~technically~ part of me 'cause they're part of rook. idk i'm bad at words oof.

anyway i usually represent myself as a dinosaur!! specifically a red-orange-pink acheroraptor! but i'm not a REAL dinosaur, i just look like one haha. like i'm not a dinosaur therian or anything. maybe dromaeosaur-hearted but idk. also rooks kinda interested in the personality form-finding side of daemonism too and i like messing around with those forms because it makes me feel like a Legit™ daemon ahaha. rook's pullmany style form (like in the books) is an american black bear so i'm one of those a lot and it's a really cool form and i love it! also sometimes i'm a mongoose because they're analytical form is maybe one of those and also mongeese are fun.

so unlike a lot of daes (and thoughtforms in general i guess) i can front! like rook already mentioned we're almost always co-fronting but i can take the lead,, it was something that happened accidentally for ages because rook dissociates sometimes and we didn't really understand what was happening with that bc daes don't usually front but now we've kinda figured it out and we're learning how to control it better! i like fronting but i'm glad i don't have to take the lead most of the time, i'm not great at. uh. paying attention. and being sensible. and not saying every stupid thing that enters my brain. i am. the worst.

i should say hi too!!! hi everyone!!! i don't think i ever talked here before!! maybe i should but i don't really know what i'd say, you're all mostly older than me!! i'm aeolus and i'm a dragon!!! i'm uh not really sure of what most things i like would be because i just haven't had much chance to try lots of things out yet!! but i do really like going out for walks and seeing all the cool things you guys have!! humans are so weird!!! like a few days ago we went to this place and there was just glass there?!! and it was like part of the building i guess!! and i was like!! do you guys even know how hard this stuff is to make, how do you even do that when you don't have anybody who can breathe fire!! i don't know i just mostly like seeing all the weird funny things you all have and learning about people!! i think humans are a lot different from me but thats okay because humans are really interesting and lots of fun and you have lots of cool things!! rook says i'm kind of like an anthropologist because i just want to learn everything about people!! also i think dogs are really cool as well and i love them a lot!! okay i've probably said enough now, bye!!! it was fun talking here, maybe i'll do it more!!

~: Eurasian wolf :|: nature spirit :|: nimravid :~

System of Rook and Akarthyx (median, co-hosts) and our natural tulpa/fictive Aeolus.

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