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A very recommended website!

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Makah    8

I strongly felt like sharing one of my favourite websites to you because not doing so would be a SIN! xD

I personally find it absolutely perfect for meditation sessions and also simply to feel at home, take you away for a moment.

Let me explain; it is, very simply, a noise and sound generator. Absolutely flawless, made with actual sounds, not computer-fabricated, and you will become addicted, most assured!

And the best part? It. never. stops.

Follow the link --> myNoise™ • Focus@Work - Relax@Home - Sleep@Night (scroll down a bit and there are all of the things you can listen to! psst, there is even an app, which I recommend)

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Yeah, I like this website! You can adjust the sounds, turn up the volume on some of them, remove them, etc. Has variety. And you have a lot of presets to chose from too. Didn't know they had an app, though. That's neat. My cat loves the purring cat sounds. She starts purring, gets cuddly and goes to sleep. I like the more natury ones. Helps me sleep having crickets or rain in the background. :relievedface:

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vu ru    16

I love mynoise quite a bit! The fire generator in particular is a favourite of mine since you can turn down how loud the "pops" of the burning wood are. "Rain on a tent" is another go-to for sleeping, it's worked every time thus far.


Usually I use the sci-fi spaceship one though, since it blends in better with the sound of all of the running fans in my room. x'D

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St Claire    120

I've actually been looking for a white noise generator to cover the noises of people around me while I'm trying to sleep, so I'm glad this site has that option.


It also has clock sounds, which is good as the batteries in my clocks have gone flat, and I'm too lazy to buy new ones.

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